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Wow Parfait Ménage, I’m very very happy really. Thank you Noura and Mohammed. A professional team. - Nancy Jeffrey, Québec

Liana and Diana did a wonderful job cleaning my condo. They were very thorough and efficient. I'm so happy I won the Parfait Ménage contest! I can now invite family and friends over. - Bonnie Thanh, Montréal

I can only congratulate Parfait Ménage. They were very punctual, polite and efficient. My bathroom was worthy of a review after their passage. I do regret one thing, not having used the Parfait Ménage services earlier. I highly recommend you. - Bernard Simon, Québec

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Honored franchisees!

Our affiliated company in the commercial cleaning was privileged to honor Paula and Octavio, franchisees for 7 years for outstanding service, hard work and the satisfaction of their customers. Having been in the race among 10,000 franchisees worldwide, they stood out and thus rank among the top 10 in the standings of the competition “Unit Franchisee of the Year”. Colombian origin, they settled in Quebec in 2005 “for a better life.” Being ambitious of nature, the need to have their own business has been rapidly feel and they chose Jan-Pro to achieve their goals. At first, they started with a small franchise of three clients. While retaining their jobs, they operated part-time in order to have additional income. After some time, they decided to invest full time and increase the…

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